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About Massachusetts State College Building Authority

The Massachusetts State College Building Authority (Authority) was established in 1963 and serves the 41,000 students of the nine state universities by providing housing, dining, athletic, parking, and other student activity facilities.  Of these students, approximately 40% live in campus housing developed by the Authority.  In 2012, the Legislature expanded the mission of the Authority to include the 15 community colleges.   

The Authority receives no appropriation from the Commonwealth; all revenues to support facility design, construction, and operation are derived from the rents and fees paid by students for the use of these facilities and services.

Capital Projects

FIT: Main Street Theater Renovations

Fitchburg State University

Project Number: FIT-0828‐17
Completion Date: TBD
Status: Design 
Architect: ICON
Construction Manager: Walsh Brothers
Owner's Project Manager: Anser Advisory
Project Manager: Leigh Warren, MSCBA

The theater building was constructed in 1927, and has sat abandoned for the past 30 years, during which time it has suffered significant deterioration. This project will begin with Schematic Design and may proceed into Design Development and subsequent phases of the project as approved by the University and subject to the acquisition of financing. The goal of the Schematic Design phase is to identify best and most feasible uses of the theater and abutting commercial space, develop a schematic design to serve those uses, and develop a project cost based on schematic drawings.

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FIT: Recreation Center Roof and Site Work

Fitchburg State University

Recreation Center Site Work
Project Number: FIT-0867-18
Completion date: August, 2019
Status: Complete 
Architect: AT Leonard & Associates
Construction Manager: The Nunes Companies, Inc.
Owner's Project Manager: Colliers
Project Manager: Leigh Warren, MSCBA

The project is site improvements at the Recreation Center at Fitchburg State University.

Recreation Center Roof
Project Number: FIT-0850-18
Completion date: Summer, 2019
Status: Complete 
Architect: Nault
Project Manager: Leigh Warren, MSCBA

The projects is a roof replacement at the Recreation Center, located on the Fitchburg State University campus in Fitchburg, MA.

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FIT: Russell Towers Bathroom Renovations, Phase 2

Fitchburg State University
Project Number: FIT-0857-18
Number of beds: 444
Completion date: August, 2019
Status: Construction 
Architect: Pfeufer Richardson Architects
Construction Manager: Commodore Builders
Owner's Project Manager: Skanska USA Building, Inc.
Project Manager: Leigh Warren

Gut renovation of approximately 26 residence hall bathrooms and creation of 6 additional new residence hall bathrooms, spread over two (2) towers within the building.
Major demolition at existing bathrooms includes complete plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems.
New scope includes showers, toilets, sinks, stone counter tops, toilet partitions and extensive ceramic tile finishes. Additionally, project scope will include new exhaust fans and associated duct work.
Project schedule will run from May 20 to August 2, 2019.

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FIT: Holmes Dining Hall Dish Room Renovation

Fitchburg State University
Project Number: FIT-0844-18
Completion date: Summer, 2019
Status: Complete 
Architect: Miller Dyer Spears
Construction Manager: Walsh Brothers, Inc.
Owner's Project Manager: Colliers
Project Manager: Leigh Warren, MSCBA

Selective demo and renovation of two toilet rooms and a dishroom at the Holmes Dining Hall at Fitchburg State University, along with all required infrastructure and architectural finishes.

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